CZ Bals

The objective of this application is to determine those physical parameters that are most relevant to quantify the intensity of a rear-end collision.

CZ BALS (Biomechanical Analysis of Low Speed collisions) is a software developed by the Vehicle Research Institute, S. A., -Centro Zaragoza-, based on an algorithm created with data from over 200 crash test, processed by the research group on New Vehicle Technologies and Road Safety (VEHI-VIAL), integrated in the Engineering Research Institute in Aragón (I3A), from the University of Zaragoza.

Lastavailable version of CZ Bals, CZ Bals 3.0, improves considerably safetyand data protection, and also a much more friendly user experience, simple andintuitive. It incorporates new functionalities too, such as automatic vehiclesearching from their registration plates, and personalized customer attention,by mean of an inquiry form. And last, but not the least, the automaticallygenerated report has been adapted to the requirements stated in the privatecentres Healthcare Agreement and so it includes analysis of the direction ofthe Impact Principal Force and headrest evaluation.

You can access CZ Bals 3.0 from this link

CZ Bals 3.0

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